IP Circle View® Methodology

IP Circle View®

Leão Intellectual Property believes that the identification, protection and exploitation of intellectual property (IP) assets by their holders realizes the business potential and creates a unique and extremely significant competitive advantage. For this purpose, apart from suitable protection, there are other aspects that must be considered, in order to disseminate the IP culture in the company, including, but not limited to, inform the market about the adopted position, monetize and manage the assets, keep up with market trends and moves of the competition, keep a constant audit for identification, correction, protection and measuring of any potential violation of third parties’ intellectual assets, among other benefits that a methodological analysis by highly qualified professionals can bring.

With this in mine, Leão has developed its own methodology IP Circle View®, which summarizes a number of steps encompassing the circle view of Intellectual Property and Innovation, where it dynamically identifies the most sensitive spots for the profile and scenario of each client, making a joint plant with the clients, which results in an opportunity map for the appreciation of business.