The Company

Leão Intellectual Property is a company specializing in the identification, protection, defense, development and strategic use of intellectual assets, aiming at an effective benefit in competition for its clients and the economic and technological development of society as a whole.

Founded in 1957 by Mr. Milton Leão Barcellos, Esq., Leão currently has a multidisciplinary team made up of lawyers, engineers, patents and trademarks attorneys and a highly qualified staff. Our multidisciplinary team is capable of acting as a partner for our clients, guiding and actively working whenever necessary for a better protection, development and lawful and conscious utilization of intellectual property rights. Leão is engaged in customized and effective solutions for its clients.

Acting in a global manner and with an expertise in the management of intangible asset portfolios involving brands, patents, industrial designs, copyrights, industrial secrets, software among others for both Brazilian and foreign clients, Leão represents several industries, universities and individuals, inventors, artists and entrepreneurs, who perceive intellectual property as an essential competitive advantage to add value to their businesses.

With an in-depth and innovative view of intellectual property, Leão has developed its own methodology named IP Circle View. Focused on technical excellence and in the quick solution of matters involving intellectual property and innovation, Leão has become a reference model in the industry, creating clear and measurable benefits to its clients.

In short, Leão is a Wise Choice.