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Currently, a company must have responsibilities and interests that might benefit society as a whole, as well as social causes and sustainable projects. In this context, aiming at mitigating the environmental damage caused by the company`s members, like energy consumption and motor fuel, Leão Intelectual Property created the ECOLEÃO Project, which consists of planting trees in the city of Porto Alegre, as a form of compensating the environment for the damage caused by its staff. In short, the project`s goal was to offset the amount of CO2 emitted along the period of one year by the company in Porto Alegre, by planting 115 saplings of trees, suitable for the region. In the planning phase of the project, Leão got a key partner - the Porto Alegre Municipal Secretariat of Environment (`SMAM’, in Portuguese). SMAM provided the seedlings and identified a suitable site for planting, besides providing essential information for the Leão members to correctly plant the seedlings.


The ECOLEÃO Project was divided into two phases. The first phase of seedling planting was held on December 8, 2012. The Leão staff was split into two groups, and on that day, each group planted in one shift (morning or afternoon). In this first phase 80 seedlings were planted. The second phase of the project was carried out on April 17, 2013. Once again, the team was divided into two groups, and each group was responsible for planting in one shift. In this second phase, 103 seedlings were planted, reaching the total of 183 planted seedlings. The Secretariat of Environment helped both by supplying the seedlings and assisting the planting process, providing full support to the members of Leão throughout the project. The success of the ECOLEÃO Project is due to the effort and commitment of the entire Leão team and `SMAM’ to the environmental cause. But it does not end there, as employees of Leão have a pre-established weekly visit plan, in order to monitor and care for the plants to make sure the project keeps up. You can view all the photos and the exact location of trees on the Leão Facebook page.

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