we are Leão intellectual property

A company specialized in the identification, protection, defense, enhancement and strategic use of intellectual assets, aiming the competitive benefit of its customers and the economic and technological development of society as a whole.

With experience in managing intangible asset portfolios involving brands, patents, industrial designs, copyrights, trade secrets, software, among others from Brazilian and foreign companies, Leão represents several industries, universities and individuals, inventors, artists and entrepreneurs, who perceive intellectual property as one of the essential differentials for generating value in their businesses.

Leão Intellectual Property - Wise Choice®.

Our story


Beginning of our history with the so-called "Dr. Milton Leão Barcellos Industrial Property Office", being the first office originally from South of Brazil specialized in Intellectual Property.


Dr. Milton Leão Barcellos is appointed industrial property agent in official solemnity by the then Minister of Industry and Commerce.


Our expansion in Brazil to other states of the Federation.


Milestone of the beginning of our international performance with the entry of a relevant Japanese client.


Creation of Milton Leão Barcellos & Cia. Ltda. based in the state of Rio Grande do Sul and branches in other states of the federation.


Beginning of the restructuring and centralization of our activities in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.


We adopt the use of the brand LEÃO to identify our services.


Beginning of our international strategic plan involving our participation in international congresses.


After working with us since 1994 as an intern, lawyer and industrial property agent in different positions, Dr. Milton Lucídio Leão Barcellos was admitted as our partner.

Norma Scherer Barcellos is admitted as a partner.


We made up the National Council to Combat Piracy and Crimes against Intellectual Property.


After working with us since 2004 as an intern, lawyer and industrial property agent in different positions, Dr. Gustavo Bahuschewskyj Correa was admitted as our partner.


Following our growth and constant evolution, we moved our headquarter to Av. Carlos Gomes in Porto Alegre/RS.


Change of our business name from Milton Leão Barcellos & Cia. Ltda. to Leão Intellectual Property with the registration of our trademark at the BPTO.


Opening of the branch in Tecnopuc - the Technological Park of PUCRS.

Creation of the law firm Leão Barcellos Law Firm.


To keep up with the constant growth, we changed and centralized our activities in RS in a wide headquarters at Av. Plínio Brasil Milano in Porto Alegre/RS.


We have consolidated our international presence by participating for the first time with a booth at the Annual Meeting of INTA in Barcelona.

Creation of our own original methodology for identifying, protecting and enhancing intellectual creations called IP Circle View®, with due registration at the BPTO and at the National Library's Copyright Office.


We were recognized in 3rd place in Brazil as an office specialized in intellectual property most admired by Análise Advocacia 500.

Creation of our unit of São Paulo, located in Campinas.


We have been recognized as a Great Place To Work by GPTW.

We were ranked 1st in Rio Grande do Sul and 3rd place in Brazil as an office specialized in intellectual property most admired by Análise Advocacia 500.

Launch of Leão Digital.

The engineer and industrial property agent Eng. Luiz Alberto Rosenstengel and the lawyer Dr. Fabiano de Bem da Rocha were admitted as our partners.


Creation of the Santa Catarina unit, located in Brusque, from the merger of Adenacon Trademarks and Patents.

Change the address of the São Paulo unit to Mescla within the Technological Park of PUC-Campinas.


We were recognized in the ranking of the most admired specialized law firms in the South of Brazil by Análise Advocacia Regional, placing 2nd.


Entry of the new and experienced partner Lawyer and Industrial Property Agent Dr. Eduardo Augusto Faitarone do Sim.

We were recognized in 1st place as the most admired law firm specialized in intellectual property in the South region of Brazil by Análise Advocacia Regional.

Celebration of the 65th anniversary with the launch of the book “Essays on Intellectual Property in the present time” in honor of Leão's birthday.

Our partner Prof. doctor Milton Lucídio Leão Barcellos was chosen and hired by the World Intellectual Property Organization – WIPO to write the MERCOSUR Report related to Protection against Unfair Competition.


After working with us since 2016 as an intern, lawyer and since 2019 as coordinator of the Department of Trademarks, Copyrights and Contracts, Kamille Trindade Machado was admitted as a partner at Leão.


We believe that together we go further.

Cooperation and teamwork enhance individual talents.

We generate positive impact through innovation.

Our purpose is to identify, protect and enhance intellectual creations.

We evolve every day.

We are passionate about knowledge and seek constant learning.

We are intense in what we do

We make a difference through our work.

Ethics, ethics and ethics

Acting on solid principles is a premise for everything we do.

Tradition is our brand

The trust and credibility built up over decades are the basis for our future legacy.


We believe that our culture, combined with our expertise and experience, makes us a Wise Choice in the area of ​​intellectual property. The Culture Code is the materialization of our culture: our set of values, vision, purpose, mission and standards. It is something organic and built on a daily basis. It is our north of where we are and who we want to be.